Why People are Choosing 2021 Nissan Frontier as their Pickup Truck?


Pickups need to be sturdy and should have the ability of tow ample amount of loads on a daily basis if one uses it for work purpose. However, if people need it for personal usage then it should have a comfortable interior along with features that would make riding it a fun experience. This is why people are choosing 2021 Nissan Frontier as their pickup in modern times and purchasing it when in Santa Maria Nissan dealership

Engine power

One of the primary aspects of pickup trucks is the engine power that helps them move quickly from one place to another while carrying ample loads. The V6 3.8 liter equipped creates 310-hp along with torque 281 lb-ft. For smooth shifting of gears, automatic 9-speed transmission is paired with this engine on the RWD or FWD format. 

Ride quality and handling will be precise and smooth like its earlier versions that is an ideal trait for any pickup in the market. Remarkable suspension and responsive steering ensure that it works well when one carries a trailer as well as when maneuvering other vehicles. Also, it swallows bumps and other improper road condition without any problem at all. 

Towing and fuel economy 

2021 Frontier can easily tow at least 6700 pounds without any sweat. Also, the cargo bed is capable enough of hauling a payload of 1400 lbs without any hassle. These numbers are similar to the towing capacity of most of its rivals in this segment. 

Furthermore, this pickup provides 18 mpg in city and at least 24 mpg when on highway. However, selecting a four-wheel drive makes the mileage drop by only 1 mpg. However, if you are looking to know more about details about towing, trailer features, mileage, etc. it is better to get in touch with Nissan dealer Santa Maria

Interior specifics  

2021 Frontier comes with an excellent interior that will be appealing to every person. Open layout that makes everything quiet accessible to driver and passenger. Though the interior is not overtly fashionable, its straightforward operation is something that everyone praises. Ample legroom, comfortable seats and every other aspect of the interior makes it appropriate for commercial as well as personal usage. 

Sufficient cargo space and more makes it one of the best choices when it comes to purchasing such a truck. Also, abundance of place is available for storing loose stuff. 7-inch infotainment system is placed; however, higher end trims come with smartphone integration, Wi-Fi hotspot, and more are available. 

Price you need to pay for it

The base model is S that starts from $28,340, while the other two trims are SV $29,220 and Pro-4X $39,040. You can opt for whichever is suitable for your need but if you don’t mind spending a bit to get the best version of Frontier 2021, go for Pro-4X or at least purchase SV model. 

Now you know the reason as to why people are still choosing  2021 Nissan Frontier as their pickup truck. It is one of the best that is available you should always get the best for yourself. Book it today!

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